What dua can we do to increase income [rizq]?

Question: Upcoming poverty and lots of children is gravely troublesome.


یَا مُسَبِّبَ الْاَسْبَابْ
ya musabbibal asbaab

After Isha prayer, keep reciting it 500 times. Begin and end with 11 times Durood Sharif recitation. Whilst looking at the Qibla with ablution [wudu], with a bare head in such a place where nothing intervenes between the head and the sky to such an extent that there is not even a topi on the head.

al-Imam Ahmad Raza Khan al-Qadiri al-Barelvi
Rasail Ridawiyyah #45; al-Malfuz: vol. 2, p. 325
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