Female section, Marriage [Nikah]

I am married, what are the rights of my spouse in Islam?

Question: What is the verdict of the noble scholars and great jurists in the following manifest issues:

  1. What are the rights of the wife upon her husband?
  2. What are the rights of the husband upon his wife?
State and be rewarded.

Questioner: Molvi Nazir Ahmad Saheb, Bareilly in India.

  1. The basic livelihood, shelter, dowry, intimate companionship, conversations towards goodness, teaching and emphasising shyness and the veil [hijab], and lecture the impermissibility that is contrary to it [of not being shy and not veiling], his consolation in all lawful things, and his help in fulfilling his commandments, in surpassing what he has lawfully forbidden, is him tolerating this annoyance his great goodness, although this is not the [actual] right of the wife.
  1. Within the relationship between husband and wife, it is to obey him devoutly, for his obedience is even superior to the parents. Strictly preserve his honour, preserve his wealth, have a good opinion in all matters of him, remain engaged in seeking his pleasure in all that is lawful, consider him your owner/master [Mawla], do not call him by his name, do not complain to anyone about his unrighteousness, and may Allah grant success, so avoid it also in his righteousness. Do not go to the parents’ place without his permission before the 8th day or before the whole year to your Maharim [unmarriageable relatives]. If he is angry, convince him by complimenting him immensely, place your hand in his hand saying, ‘This is my hand in your hand to the extent that you must be satisfied.’ Meaning, ‘I am your possession [mamluka], whatever you wish, do it, but be content with me.’1 And Allah knows best.
al-Imam Ahmad Raza Khan al-Qadiri al-Barelvi
27-Muharram-1336 || ≈ 13-Nov-1917
al-‘Ataya al-Nabawiyyah fi’l-Fatawa al-Ridawiyyah: vol. 24, p. 371, #146-147
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  1. If anyone wants his house to be like paradise, he will gather Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Allah have mercy upon him) issued golden flowers in his hem whilst becoming its practitioner, then the spring will come! -Mawlana Muhammad Asad Qadri
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