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What Is The Islamic Ruling On Using A Sex Doll?

Question: What is the verdict of the Islamic scholars and the jurists about the issue of using artificial methods to fulfil sexual desires? In addition to masturbation and adultery, new sources of the influences of European culture are emerging. There is a product from a European company ‘Sex Doll’, which is an artificial girl doll, which is offered for sale on the website, which resembles a human in size and stature, and according to the promo video given on the website, it is like a human body in all movements and postures. How is the making, selling, buying and using of such devices according to Islamic law [shariah]?
Questioner: Gulzar Ahmad Qadri from Pakistan.
The use of this artificial girl doll is not allowed under Islamic law because Allah Almighty has made a wife and a female slave a source of calmness for the heart and body of a man. A man is not allowed to have sexual intercourse with anyone other than these two.
It is stated in Fatawa Shami:
فلوادخل ذکرہ فی حائط او نحو حتی امنی اواستمنی بکفہ بحائل یمنع الحرارۃ یاثم ایضاویدل ایضا علی ما قلنافی الزیلعی حیث یستدل علی عدم حلہ بالکف بقولہ تعالیٰ والذین ھم لفروجھم حافظون الآیۃ وقال فلم یبح الاستمتاع الابھماای بالزوجۃ والامۃ‘‘فافادعدم حل الا ستمتاع ای قضاء الشہوۃ بغیرھما۔
If a man inserts his penis into a wall or something similar, until semen comes out or semen comes out by hand with something that fulfils the [sexual] passion, then he will be a sinner. Proving from the Quranic verse: “And those who guard their private organs” [23:5] al-Zayla’i said, “It is not permissible to have sexual intercourse with anyone except the wife and a female slave.” This discussion has the benefit that it is not allowed to fulfil sexual desires except with the wife and the female slave.
[3/371: کتاب الصوم، مطلب فی حکم الاستمناء بالکف]
It should also be kept in mind that the scholars have justified masturbation when there is a high probability that the sexual desire will be aroused to such an extent as to slip into adultery or any other immoral act, and have said that it is hoped that there will be no accountability.
Just as it has been stated in Durr al-Mukhtar:
وکذاالاستمناء بالکف وان کرہ تحریمالحدیث ناکح الیدملعون ولوخاف الزنایرجی ان لا وبال علیہ۔
And it is likewise sinfully disapproving [makruh tahrimi] to ejaculate by hand, even though the hadith of the one who marries his hand is cursed. But when there is fear of adultery, it is hoped that there will be no accountability.
Imam Shami says in the notes in reference to Fath:
فان غلبتہ الشہوۃ ففعل ارادۃ تسکینھا بہ فالرجاء ان لایعاقب
If a man is dominated by sexual desires and he masturbates to calm the sexual desire, it is hoped that he will not be punished.
Further on he states:
وفی السراج ان اراد بذلک تسکین الشہوۃ المفرطۃ الشاغلۃ للقلب وکان عزبالازوجۃ لہ ولا امۃ اوکان الاانہ لایقدرعلی الوصول الیھابعذرقال ابواللیث ارجوان لاوبال علیہ۔
It says in al-Siraj: ‘If the purpose of masturbation is to calm the sexual desire which is overwhelming and seduces the heart, while he is a virgin who has no wife or slave, but for some reason, it is not possible for him to achieve the goal through them, then Abu al-Layth says, “I have hope that there will be no harm on him.”’
But this cannot be applied to that artificial doll, because this doll is a collection of immorality. It is a tool for arousing and enjoying lust, and as for the acquisition of sexual desire and the acquisition of pleasure, it will never be allowed to obtain sexual desire and pleasure from anything other than the wife and the female slave. However, whoever does will be a sinner.
Radd al-Muhtar states:
واما اذافعلہ لاستجلاب الشہوۃ فھوآثم۔
And when he masturbates to gain sexual desire then he is sinful.
Using, making, buying and selling this artificial doll is therefore not allowed under Islamic law.
This is what I have and the knowledge is with Allah Almighty.
Mufti Muhammad Zulfaqar Khan Naimi Kakralwi
13-Rabi al-Awwal-1434 || ≈ 25-Jan-2013
 al-Fuyudat al-Nabawiyyah fi’l-Fatawa al-Hanafiyya (Fatawa Uttarakhand): vol. 1, p. 323
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