What about the suhur-timings at times where the isha is imperceptible?

Question: What is the verdict of the scholars [Ulama] and authoritative enactment scholars [Mufti’s] about the following; During the summer in the Netherlands and surrounded countries after the sunset during the entire 68 nights the sun does not go below 18 degrees. In other words, in this environment the sunrise begins while the settings of the astronomical twilight are imperceptible. So what is the statement in this matter when the end of suhur is?

Answer: In this specific matter, the scholars have considered the end of the Isha-time as the end of suhur. Because, witr and suhur are obsequious, before the Isha time there is no witr and no suhur. However, in those nights when the sun does not drop below 18 degrees [because of the rapid sun rise], one must disengage from their suhur before the sun rises in times when the sun is stationary in less than 18 degrees. With caution, it is better not to be engaged with suhur at these times, but for those who want to consume, one should consume before the sun hits the 12 degrees mark. And Allah is knows best.

Mufti ‘Abd al-Wajid al-Qadiri
Noori Dar al-Ifta, Amsterdam
18-Feb-1986 || 9-Jumada al-Akhir-1406
al-Fatawa Europe p. 299
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