What is the meaning of Ala Hazrat’s couplet: Farmatey hain ye dono hain sardaar-e-do jahaan?

The diwan of my beloved master is currently before me, it contains a verse of which I could not understand the meaning:
Farmatey hain ye dono hain sardaar-e-do jahaan
Aye Murtaza! Ateeq-o-Umar ko khabar na ho
He states, ‘these two are the leaders of both worlds.’
‘O Ali! Do not reveal it to Abu Bakr & Umar.

This couplet is a translation of a hadith:

ابوبکر وعمر خیر الاولین وخیر الاٰخرین وخیر اہل السمٰوٰت وخیر اھل الارضین الا الانبیاء والمرسلین لاتخبرھما یا علی

Abu Bakr and Umar are superior to all last and first, and better than the entire celestial beings and the entire terrestrial beings, save the Prophets and the Messengers. O Ali! Do not bring them this news.1

Imam al-Munawi tells about this meaning in al-Taysir, “It is meant, ‘O Ali (Allah ennoble his countenance)! Do not tell them. Rather, I will say it myself, so that their joy will increase.”2 And Allah knows best!

al-Imam Ahmad Raza al-Baraylwi
12-Ramadan-1338 || ≈ 31-May-1920
Al-‘Ataya al-Nabawiyya fi’l-Fatawa al-Ridawiyyah 30:84#7
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