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What is the verdict on the famous Pakistani poet Dr. Iqbal?

Question: What is the verdict of the Islamic scholars in this matter in which Zayd wrote the below poetry [manqabat] about the status of Hazrat Sayyiduna Mahbub Ilahi Sarkar Nizam al-Din Sultan al-Awliya (Allah be pleased with him),
فرشتے پڑھتے ہیں جس کو وہ نام ہے تیرا
بڑی جناب تیری فیض عام ہے تیرا
تیری لحد کی زیارت ہے زندگی دل کی
مسیح و خضر سے اونچا مقام ہے تیرا

farishte parhtey hain jis ko wo naam hai tera
bari janab teri fayz aam hai tera
teri lahad ki ziyarat hai zindagi dil ki
masih o khizr se uncha maqam hai tera

The angels recite what is your name
Your Majesty, your grace is common
Visiting your resting place is the essence of life
Your status is higher than ‘Isa and Khidr1
  1. The question of the matter is how lawful is it to give Sarkar Mahbub Ilahi a higher status than that of Sayyiduna Hazrat ‘Isa (peace be upon him)?
  2. If you say such a thing, does it indicate a decline in the status of Sayyiduna Masih (peace be upon him)?
  3. What is the Islamic judgement upon the acknowledger?
Questioner: Abd al-Samad al-Qadiri, Gonda in India
These and many more statement of disbelief [kufriyat] have been manifested by Iqbal. One time I asked Huzoor Mufti-é Azam Hind (may we be enveloped in his blessings) about Iqbal. So he said, “Undoubtedly of Iqbal, matters against Islamic law are blatantly clear. Up to statements of disbelief it has been manifested, but he was not insulting or disrespectful to the status of Allah’s beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). Indeed, because of his ignorance, he reached the errors of disbeliefs, but his repentance [tawba] is also known at the end of his time before he died.” Hazrat further stated, “Whoever does not insult in the status of Allah’s beloved has the success to repent.” After this Hazrat read these poetry couplets from Iqbal,
بمصطفی برساں خویش را کہ دیں ہمہ اوست
اگر بہ او نرسیدی، تمام بولہبی است
Attach yourself to Mustafa ﷺ for he alone is the basis of the Islamic religion
If you cannot attach yourself to him then every deed of yours is entirely ruined like Abu Lahab.
Whilst reading this couplet, Hazrat then became tearful and said, “In this couplet, Iqbal’s true love for the Prophet (peace be upon him) is clear.” After this, he said, “There should be a reprieve about Iqbal.” And Hazrat’s statement was 15-16 years before his illness, my stance is on this very statement of Hazrat. And Allah knows best.
Mufti Muhammad Azam
Khadim Dar al-Ifta Bareilly
19-Rajab-1401 || ≈ 23-May-1981
Fatawa Badr al-Ulama: p. 126

Verifier: al-Faqir Mustafa Raza al-Qadiri (may I be pardoned) [i.e. Mufti-é Azam Hind (Allah be pleased with him)]2
  1. Note: this is a rough translation
  2. This fatwa has been verified by Sarkar Mufti-é Azam Hind (Allah be pleased with him) himself
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