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What if someone insults Islamic law and its scholars?

Question: What is the verdict of the Islamic scholars and the righteous Islamic jurists in the following matter:
Zayd told the groom at his own daughter’s wedding while giving a gold button without a chain that gold and silver buttons without a chain are allowed for men. Following this Bakr said to the people clapping his hands: “This is the work of the Molvi’s that everything belongs to their fathers, this is the behaviour of the Molvi’s whenever they want, they make haram halal and halal haram.” He was really making fun of this matter and the scholars while saying this. So, what is the judgment for Bakr in such a case in his faith, bayt, prayer, fasting, hajj, repentance and his funeral prayer when he dies, and so on? State and be rewarded.
Questioner: Muhammad Rafiq Ahmad Nuri from Delhi in India.

The answer with the aid of the Almighty King, The Bestower.

Allah’s name be the beginning, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

We praise him, and we convey peace upon his noble beloved.

It is disbelief [kufr] to humiliate and insult the rules of Islam and the noble scholars. It is stated in Fatawa al-Alamgiri:

إذا كان الفقيه يذكر شيئا من العلم أو يروي حديثا صحيحا، فقال آخر:أين هيج نيست درده، أو قال…. فهذا كفر
When a scholar talks about the religion or speaks of a sound hadith and the other says this is nothing and refutes it, this is then disbelief [kufr].
[Fatawa al-Alamgiri: vol. 2, p. 271 – کتاب السیر – الباب التاسع فی احکام المرتدین]
It is further stated:

رجل عرض عليه خصمه فتوى الأئمة، فردها، وقال: جه بار نامه فتوى آورده قيل يكفر؛ لأنه رد حكم الشرع
One person presented a fatwa from the noble scholars to his competitor, so he rebukingly says that how often will you bring a fatwa? Then his ex-communication [takfir] will be done, for he refuted the judgment of Islamic law.
[Ibid: p. 272]
Imam Ahl al-Sunnah Ala Hazrat states:
Insulting Islamic scholars is disbelief [kufr].
It is in Majma’ al-Nahr,
من قال لعالم عویلم علی وجہ الاستخفاف فقد کفر
Whoever says discourteous ‘Uwaylim for an ‘Aalim has disbelieved [kufr].[1]
It is obligatory on the person to re-enter Islam and then renew the marriage with his wife.
[Fatawa al-Ridawiyyah: vol. 14, p. 605-606]
Further, he states:
Insulting a scholar if he is truly an Islamic scholar then undoubtedly it is disbelief. Just as it stated in Majma’ al-Nahr. Otherwise, if it is not apparent then there is the fear of disbelief upon him. Just as it is stated in al-Khulasa and Manh al-Rawd. Otherwise, there is no doubt in him being a major sinner. The Prophet (peace be upon him) stated in a hadith,
ثلاثۃ لایستخف بحقہم الامنافق بین النفاق ذوالشیبۃ فی الاسلام وذوالعلم والامام المقسط ۱؎۔ رواہ ابوالشیخ فی کتاب التوبیخ عن جابر بن عبداﷲ والطبرانی فی الکبیر عن ابی امامۃ رضی اﷲ تعالٰی عنہم۔
Three whose insults only a hypocrite [munaqif] will do; elderly Muslim, a Muslim scholar, and a righteous authoritarian.
[Narrated by Abu al-Shaykh in Kitab al-Tawbikh of Jabir b. Abdullah and al-Tabarani[2] in al-Kabir of Abi Umama (Allah be pleased with them all)]
The one who radiates disbelief must repent and re-enter Islam, then renew his marriage and dowry if his wife wishes.
[Fatawa al-Ridawiyyah: vol. 15, p. 163]
It is Bakr’s duty to repent, renew his faith and marriage, and also renew his bayt.
It is stated in Durr al-Mukhtar with Fatawa al-Shami in Bab al-Murtad:

مایکون کفراًاتفاقاًیبطل العمل والنکاح واولادہ اولادزنا،ومافیہ خلاف یؤمر باالاستغفار والتوبۃ (أی تجدید الاسلام) وتجدید النکاح
Disbelief in agreed-upon matters will cause the deeds and the marriage to be annulled, and whatever children come forth in this state, those children will become bastard children. And the one whose disbelief is debatable [ikhtilaf] will be ordained to repent, re-enter Islam, and renew his marriage.
[Radd al-Muhtar ‘ala al-Durr al-Mukhtar: vol. 6, p. 391 – باب المرتد]
And Allah Almighty knows best with rectitude.
Mufti Muhammad Zulfaqar Khan Naimi Kakralwi
Nuri Dar al-Ifta, Madina Masjid Ali Khan Kashipur
9-Jumadi al-Awwal-1442 || ≈ 24-Dec-2020
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[1] Majma’ al-Anhur Sharh Multaqa al-Abhur: 1/695 – الفصل الرابع فی الاستخفاف بالعلم
[2] Al-Mu’jam al-Kabir: 8/238 – Hadith number: 7819
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