Creed [Aqaid]

What does Islam say if someone kills an insulter of the Prophet?

Question: Does any of the common people have this right to kill an insulter of the Prophet ﷺ? And if he killed him, then what is the verdict on him in Islamic law?
The right for him to kill or to enact any of the penalties belongs to the Sultan of Islam. And it is the right of each of the subdued Islamic judges of the Sultan of Islam. This is not allowed for everyone, but if he really was an apostate [murtad] and an insulter [gustakh], and he killed him —and if the killer is also killed by someone else, he will then be a martyr— then there will be no accountability.

Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Raza Khan al-Azhari al-Qadri
5-Safar-1432 ≈ || 10-Jan-2011
Source: Weekly Q&A sessions 10-Jan-2011
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