Creed [Aqaid]

What is the verdict on insulting Ala Hazrat?

Question: What is the Islamic judgement about the one who insults the dignity of Ala Hazrat (may Allah have mercy upon him)? What is the rule if someone follows him in prayer?
The one who insults and curses against the great dignity of Ala Hazrat Mawlana Ahmad Raza Khan (may Allah pour out His mercy and forgiveness upon him), and merely insults and curses on the base of the true creed [aqaid] that is proven from the books of creed [aqida], Sunnah, and the consensus [‘ijma] of the Ummah, whoever denies it, is truly irreligious and unbelieving. Because Mujaddid al-Millat, our Haami al-Sunnah, made plain and clear the true creed and showed the false sects. Hence, opposing such a personality is, in reality, opposing the religion of Islam, and also because the opponents have a wasteful blether, curses, and no evidence at all to prove their own position. So, he has voiced nonsense in the great dignity of such a great, magnificent, evidence of the Muslims, personality, and it is clear that such one who utters this nonsense is the disciple of the al-Dajjal and he is faithless [be-iman] of which his imamat is veraciously not permitted. And Allah and His Messenger know best.


Shaykh al-Islam wa’l-Muslimin Khwaja Muhammad Qamar al-Din Siyalvi
21-Rabi al-Akhir-1382 || 12-Sept-1962
Anware Qamariyyah: vol. 3, p. 183

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